Needs Based Tuition Assistance


Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary

Tuition Assistance Criteria and Procedure

All Parishes in the Biloxi Diocese provide tuition assistance to their parishioners who are in need of assistance and attend a Catholic school in the Biloxi Diocese. Scholarships are available when funds are available from Sacred Heart Parish collections and private donations.

Sacred Heart Parish offers tuition assistance and, if available, scholarships to the students in kindergarten through 6th grades for parishioners of Sacred Heart Parish and students attending St Patrick High School. Families registered at parishes other than Sacred Heart must seek assistance from their respective parish.

Any family in need of tuition assistance or a scholarship must complete and submit a tuition assistance and loan application form from First Bank and Trust by May 1, of the prior school year for which the application is for and provide a $35.00 processing fee to be paid to First Bank and Trust.  Returning families must participate in four or more fundraising events in the prior year to qualify for the needs based tuition assistance.  Applications are available in the office upon request only.

First Bank and Trust will process the information and report each applicant’s individual needs to the school.  Once the school receives the report from First Bank and Trust, the report is reviewed by TARC (Tuition Assistance Review Committee).  After reviewing the report and completing the TARC Applicant Information Form, (see attached example of the TARC form) the Forms and the TARC Committee’s recommendations will be forwarded to the pastor of Sacred Heart Parish.  The pastor of Sacred Heart Parish will review the report with the TARC recommendation and distribute the tuition assistance and or scholarships according to the needs and available funds.  Returning students will receive first priority for funding.  

Needs Based Tuition Assistant / Scholarship and Loan Packets are available in the school office upon request.  No application will be processed without the $35.00 processing fee.  The deadline for submitting a tuition assistance and scholarship packet is May 1, 2016.  Individual families receiving the needs based tuition assistance only qualify for the 10-month payment plan with a loan from First Bank and Trust.


TARC (Tuition Assistance Review Committee)

Applicant’s Information Form

Applicant Number _____________           

Number of Children attending Sacred Heart Elementary _____

Grade(s) each child is entering: ______________________________________________

                                                                                                          Qualified Discount

______ New Family                                                                                                 30%  

______ Returning Family ______ Number of years in school                                 31%

(Returning families must participate in four or more fundraising events to receive the automatic 31% discount and additional points for each event.)

Participated in 2014-15 fundraising events:

            _____ Bingo                                                                                            +1%  

            _____ World’s Finest Chocolate                                                             +1%

            _____ Enjoy the City                                                                              +1%  

            _____ Mardi Gras Drawdown                                                                 +1%  

            _____ Easter Candy                                                                               +1%  

            _____ Bazaar                                                                                         +2%  

            _____ Parish Participation                                                                      +1%  

            _____ Student Participates in Extra Curricular Activities                        +1%  


Total percentage points earned:                                                        ____________

Additional Income Required to Support Proposed Depth: _________________

Income Available to Support Debt: ___________________________________________

Tuition Amount: ______________________ Multiplied by total earned percentage points: _________________

Total amount of discount: __________________


_____ Approved for ___________________________________________________________

                         (Total amount of discount rounded off to nearest $50.00)

_____ Not Approved

Committee member’s signature:

______________________________________________________      Date: _____________________


______________________________________________________      Date:  ____________________


______________________________________________________      Date: _____________________


______________________________________________________      Date: _____________________

(Pastor’s Signature)