SCHOLARSHIPS  Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary offers four scholarships:  The Needs Based Tuition Assistance Scholarships, The Pope Francis Scholarship, The Bingo Scholarship,  and The Norman & Dorothy Lopez Scholarship.  Applications are available in the school office.  All scholarship applications are reviewed and awarded in July by the Tuition Assessment Review Committee (TARC).

  1. Needs Based Tuition Assistance Scholarships - offered by Sacred Heart Parish for children of the parish showing a need through a review process with the assistance of First Bank and Trust.  The amount is determined by the parents' participation in events at the school and parish during the previous school year.  Students from Sacred Heart Parish attending St. Patrick High School may also apply for the needs based tuition assistant scholarship.  (See Needs Based Tuition Assistance Application)
  2. Pope Francis Scholarship - $3,900 to a family of any denomination with a student in the 4th, 5th or 6th Grade.  (See Pope Francis Scholarship Application and Requirements)
  3. Bingo Scholarship - $1,000 for parents who have worked 40 bingo nights and $500 for parents who have worked 20 bingo nights within the previous school year from August to July  (See Bingo Scholarship Application)
  4. Norman and Dorothy Lopez Scholarship - one time only for students of the D'Iberville community.  (See Lopez Scholarship Application)